Our mission is to bring out the greatest potential in young people through international exchange, to nurture young people with non-traditional values and rich diversity, to develop human resources who will contribute to global society, and to contribute to the career development of each and every one of them.

What We Do

There are 3 pillars to GOROM Association's activities.


The first is called SEED, an international exchange program for young people with the theme of social entrepreneurship that solves social issues through business. Latin American and Japanese university students study together online and propose novel solutions to social issues through their research and research presentations. As a highlight of the program, participating students will be invited to Japan as a study tour, in which they will actually meet and interact with local leaders and producers while proposing social businesses that contribute to the development of the local economy.


The second is called the YES Program, an international exchange through music and sports. Music and sports have an effect of strengthening human ties and increasing happiness, thus the program was started with the aim of giving wellness to the underprivileged who face poverty and disparity, as well as those who feel isolated in society. YES collaborates with experts and organizations in Japan and Latin America and plays a role in giving confidence to people and energizing society through various events and collaborations.


The third pillar of GOROM Association is the GROW Program aimed at bolstering the career opportunities and professional skill development of youth, leading to a more interconnected and skilled global work force. Under this pillar, GOROM Association provides internship opportunities for young and aspiring professionals from Latin America and Japan to work together on a number of cultural exchange, international business, and non-profit management projects.


Social Entrepreneurship Empowerment Development Program (SEED Program)

Empower the Youth Empower Japan

The SEED program offers programs on social entrepreneurship, including business development, cross-cultural communication, and SDGs, and the curriculum consists of online classes and study tours. Through the program, participating students propose business plans specific to social entrepreneurship.


Youth Empowerment through Sports and Sounds (YES)

"Yes, I can!"

By conducting international exchange through sports and music, we nurture the bonds between young people overcoming the disparity between rich and poor, and contribute to their growth. We provide opportunities for them to expand their global values and bring out their own potential. By engaging in activities that foster these bonds between people, we will create opportunities for them to become aware and confident that they themselves can do it.


GROW Program

The GROW Program aims to connect the bright and aspiring youth of the world to the professional experiences and international exchange opportunities that will support their future careers.