Social Entrepreneurship Empowerment Development Program (SEED)

"Empower Our Youth to Empower Japan"

The SEED program offers programs on social entrepreneurship, including business development, cross-cultural communication, and SDGs, and the curriculum consists of online classes and study tours. Through the program, participating students propose business plans specific to social entrepreneurship.

online lectures

The SEED program offers a specialized curriculum on social entrepreneurship, business development, cross-cultural communication, and SDGs. The program consists of online classes and a Study Tour to Japan. Through the program, participating students conduct research and develop a business proposal to address social and economic issues for local industries in Japan. 

study tour

The Study Tour is an immersive opportunity to visit with embassies, international organizations, universities, and companies to acquire expert knowledge and skill development. Students will meet with local business owners and community leaders to learn more about local issues on the ground, and develop more informed, targeted business proposals.

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Mission Report

All the details and activities of the previous SEED Program versions are viewable on the Mission Reports below.

Mission Report SEED 2023

Mission Report SEED 2022

SEED 2023

2023 Themes & Participants

The 2023 SEED Program is centered around the revitalization of regional culture and economy of rural Japan, specifically Yamanashi. Yamanashi is rural and relatively unknown abroad, but has an abundance of high quality luxury goods and tourist destinations that make it an ideal setting for the SEED Program. It is on this basis that the themes for the 2023 SEED Program were selected: Sake, Wine, Jewelry, and Textiles. 

Wine Team


Sake Team

Taikan Brewery

Jewelry Team

To Labo

Textiles Team

Hikari Textiles

2022 Testimonials

Daniela Montoya

Wine Team|EAFIT University,

It was such an amazing and enriching experience. We are helping to strengthen the relationships between countries that are far from one another but have a lot of potential to work together.

Gabriel Lehwing

Food Culture Team|ESPM College, Brazil

Due to each student having a different background, nationality, and way of working, the online meeting dynamic can be a challenge, but a bond was created during the times we were together. 

Suzuka Mortia

Jewelry Team | Sophia University,

If I could have joined this program earlier, I would have developed an interest in Latin America much sooner. It was a very good experience to become friends with Latin American students.

Matías Agudo

Sake Team|Austral University,

I really wanted to develop an international perspective on business and organizations. I think that the SEED Program was one the most impactful experiences I’ve had in this sense.

Partner University Advisors

Juan Carlos Díaz Vasquez

Associate Professor
EAFIT University, Colombia

Alexandre Ratsuo Uehara

Professor & Academic Coordinator
ESPM, Brazil

Maria Gabriela Espeche Gil

Director of International Relationships
Austral University, Argentina

Catalina González Uribe

Director of International Affairs
Los Andes University, Colombia

Lourdes Zilberberg

Director of International Office
FAAP, Brazil

Helio Michelini Pellaes Neto

Professor of International Affairs
FAAP, Brazil

Fausto García

International MBA Director
Austral University, Argentina

Ricardo Alfonso Peña Silva

Associate Professor
Los Andes University, Colombia