Youth Empowerment through Sports and Sounds (YES)

Yes, I can!

By conducting international exchange through sports and music, we nurture the bonds between young people overcoming the disparity between rich and poor, and contribute to their growth. We provide opportunities for them to expand their global values and bring out their own potential. By engaging in activities that foster these bonds between people, we will create opportunities for them to become aware and confident that they themselves can do it.


YES aims to contribute to the development of young people by providing them with the courage and confidence to do it through sports and music. The global exchange between young people from South America and the Caribbean and Japan transcends national borders and provides a wonderful opportunity to discover new values, learn from each other, and broaden their horizons. We also believe that arts and sports education is a tool not only for professional development, but also for the healthy nurturing and development of the human spirit. Through YES, we encourage young people to take on great challenges with the hope that they will discover their own potential and make great strides from this experience.

International Exchange through Sports & Music

There are many NGOs that support impoverished youth in South America through music and sports, and we have formed partnerships with trusted and successful organizations among them. We send Japanese musicians and athletes to these partnership NGOs to engage in non-verbal international exchange through local volunteer activities. We believe that such activities not only provide an opportunity to broaden the international perspective of impoverished youth in South America, but also to encourage Japanese volunteers to realize the value of their contributions through music and sports.

Music created with Asociación Sanarte Perú to promote the empowerment of youth.

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