Intern Report at FAAP University – Seungmin Lee (1)

Today, we received a report from our intern Seungmin Lee about his activities at FAAP University in Brazil!

Bom dia!

There were some very attractive candidates for overseas internships in the Grow Program, such as Argentina and Colombia. However, I decided to intern in Brazil because I wanted to get to know Brazil, a country I had only heard about through Samba, which is located on the opposite side of the globe.

 Before this internship, I had also participated in the Gorom Association’s SEED program. I was very much looking forward to reconnecting with friends with whom I had formed bonds through the program. Brazil is very far away, and the time spent on the plane alone was over 24 hours. Despite the long itinerary, I couldn’t stop the excitement in my heart. It was so much fun to see each other again after an absence of about two months!

 My first impression of Brazil is that it is a familiar landscape. It is a mix of streets from countries I have visited before. The tropical natural environment, European buildings, diverse racial composition, etc., can be seen everywhere. It is also a very art-loving country. Beautiful murals adorn the walls of buildings, and new works of art are always waiting for you when you go to new places.

 FAAP University, where I will participate in the internship program, is located in Higienopolis, a city where many famous Brazilian artists live. It has very beautiful views and a museum inside the campus. I am very much looking forward to my two months at FAAP University, which is rich in nature and art!