Intern Report – Estefania Ruiz

On October 8th 2023, Estefania visited Shirayuri Winery, our partner producer, in order to know more about her tasks on the Internship and deepen her understanding of the wine production process. After a tour led by Mr. Uchida through the winery facilities, they had a discussion about a possible tour for foreign tourists. She also discussed some ideas about how to promote Shirayuri Winery products on the Latin American market.

Additionally, she visited Daizen-ji Temple, known as the “Temple of Grapes”. Here Estefania was able to appreciate the natural landscape of Yamanashi, along with the traditional grape production. 

This experience provided her with knowledge about Yamanashi and Katsunuma’s agricultural growth history. In addition, she was able to learn the design process for wine labels and use her abilities in art to design a prototype for the latest Mt. Fuji edition.