Internship|Japan Tourism Attraction Event: Cooking Class

During 3rd and 5th of Febrary, Centro del Japón held a unique and exciting cultural event that allowed locals to learn about and experience traditional Japanese cuisine. The event was led by a Japanese chef, Koji Ogawa, who was flown in specifically for the occasion.

The highlight of the event was a cooking class that focused on the preparation of Temaki-sushi, a type of hand-rolled sushi that is a popular dish in Japan. The chef was able to demonstrate how to properly prepare and roll the sushi, as well as how to select the best ingredients to use. The audience was also able to ask questions and learn more about the culture and history behind the dish. The chef’s cooking demonstration was met with great enthusiasm and appreciation from the attendees, who were eager to learn and try their hand at making Temaki-sushi themselves. With the chef’s guidance, the attendees were able to successfully prepare their own sushi rolls.

The event was a huge success, with participants leaving with a new appreciation for Japanese cuisine and culture. The cooking class provided a unique and interactive way for locals to experience a piece of Japanese culture, and it was evident that everyone in attendance enjoyed themselves immensely.

-Comment by Koji Ogawa-

・What he felt in the classroom: I am very grateful for giving me the opportunity to do the sushi class. It has been my dream for years to do something in Colombia. I enjoyed doing the classes too much. At the event, I saw that many people are interested in the culture of Japan so I would like to do more Japanese food classes.

・Reflections on Japanese food and culture: One of the things that are important about Japanese food is to enjoy the taste of the ingredients themselves. In Colombia, there are vegetables, fruits meat, pork and seafood that are rich and I feel that Colombians also know how to enjoy the proper taste of the ingredients. I like a lot of that.

・Message to participants: Thank you very much for visiting the event and participating in the sushi class. I hope you had a fun experience. At the end of this year, I will be establishing a Japanese restaurant in Bogota. I hope you can visit and if you are interested in working with me contact me IG:@koji0gawa