Internship | Japan Tourism Attraction Event: Calligraphy Experience

The Shodo calligraphy demonstration was conducted from February 3rd to 5th at Centro del Japón, los Andes University. The purpose of the demonstration was to introduce the Colombian people to the traditional art of Japanese calligraphy and to showcase the skills and techniques involved in creating beautiful calligraphy pieces.

By writing the names of the Colombian participants in shodo calligraphy, I was able to create a unique and personal connection with each individual. The participants were extremely happy to see their names written in this beautiful and traditional style, and were eager to learn about the meaning and symbolism of shodo calligraphy. The cultural exchange that took place during the session was truly enriching, as the participants learned about this traditional Japanese art form while sharing their own cultural backgrounds and perspectives with one another.

The experience of conducting the shodo calligraphy session highlights the significance of art in bringing people together. Despite differences in language, culture, and background, the participants were able to connect through their shared love of art and creativity.