GROW Program

"Fostering the next generation of global professionals."

The GROW Program is aimed at bolstering the career opportunities and professional skill development of youth, leading to a more interconnected and skilled global work force. The GROW Program provides internship opportunities to young and aspiring professionals from Latin America and Japan to work together on a number of cultural exchange, international business, and non-profit management projects.

Program Objectives

1) Foster the professional skill development of aspiring youth

2) Broaden the horizons of young professionals through international exchange

3) Prepare future professionals for their future careers through exposure to standard communications, time management, and business practices  

The Value of real work experience

Internships through GOROM Association are designed to give interns real world professional experience with plenty of opportunities for learning and professional growth in mind. Interns of GOROM Association’s GROW Program work in an international and dynamic environment, gaining exposure to international business practices, as well as engage with a number of international programs for expanding personal and professional horizons.


Interested in joining the team?

For those interested in volunteer and internship opportunities, please visit our Recruitment page.