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Our activities were born from an idea cultivated through years of field experience by CEO Goro Mutsuura. Mutsuura worked for many years in international organizations and often traveled to Latin America for the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals, and had the opportunity to meet many talented young people there. However, Mutsuura learned that it is difficult for them to develop their careers due to various economic factors, and began to think about what he could do to develop human resources that can contribute to society internationally. On the other hand, the shortage of human resources in Japan due to the declining birthrate and aging population is a serious problem, and the discovery of highly skilled human resources is indispensable for regional revitalization. Against this background, he started activities in which young people create a better society through international exchange in collaboration with universities and NGOs in Japan and Latin America. Before long, he assembled members who resonated with that idea and that is how GOROM Association was born.

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Goro Mutsuura Executive Director

“I want to realize a lively and energetic society through the bonds of young people across various cultures and nationalities!” This is the goal of GOROM. Just as today’s increasingly globalized world is very diverse, so too are the challenges it faces. While young people in Latin America who face poverty and inequality feel uneasy about their future and spend their lives wisely studying and learning, they do not have many opportunities to make use of it. On the other hand, in Japan, due to the declining birthrate and aging population, young people are living in a sense of limitation without a bright future in sight. By providing such young people with opportunities for international exchange aimed at the realization of a sustainable world, we offer an opportunity for diverse young people to work together on activities to improve their societies and to contribute to society with a sense of self-confidence and awareness that “you can do it if you try.” In this way, we hope they will regain confidence in themselves, grow into human resources who can play an active role in global society, and serve as a bridge between Latin America and Japan through the positive thinking and the belief that any problem can be solved. GOROM believes in the unlimited potential of young people and supports the growth of each and every young person from a long-term perspective while emphasizing diversity.


For 25 years at an International Financial Institution (Inter-American Development Bank: Washington, D.C.), engaged in poverty reduction and sustainable economic and social development work in the Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) region. In 2020, returned to Japan and established GOROM, a general incorporated association. Established a social entrepreneurship program through international exchange among young people from LAC and promoted social business aimed at solving social issues. At the same time, participated in many active learning courses at universities in Japan and overseas to promote cross-cultural understanding and strives to develop human resources who can play an active role in global society. Additionally, currently deepening ties with influential experts and NGOs in the LAC region and promoting youth empowerment projects through music and sports.

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