【SEED 2024】SEED Program Opening Ceremony

Last week, we officially held the Opening Ceremony of the SEED Program 2024!

During this event, we officially welcomed the new participants of the SEED Program. 

First, the Representative Director gave words of motivation and support to the new participants by a talk. After that, all partner university professors were introduced. We also had the opportunity to show videos sent by senior members of our partner universities, as a way of supporting and motivating the new participants in this version of the program. 

Later, Ricardo Peña, Associate Professor from Los Andes University made a presentation about the general outline from last year’s version, along with some highlights the participants are going to face during the program.

At the last part, there was a self-introduction and integration dynamic, where all new participants were involved with each of their groups and Alumni members from last year.

We truly know this beginning can bring challenges for the new participants. However, we would like to encourage all of them to work with discipline, cooperate among each other and be open-minded to face possible hardships during the process.

We are very excited to start working together towards the development of the Yamanashi region and the support of Japanese and Latin American youth.