Intern Report – Treasure Tourism – Alejandro Reatiga

Today, we received the Intern Report of Alejandro Reatiga from Colombia. He studies at Los Andes University in Colombia, and he spent the last four months working at Treasure Tourism and Shirayuri Winery, at Kofu, Japan.

Let’s check out his testimonial!


My time as an intern was an unforgettable experience that deeply enriched my understanding of both the challenges and opportunities faced by Japan today. My internship took place in Yamanashi Prefecture, a region renowned for its stunning natural beauty, including Mount Fuji and Shosenkyo, and its rich cultural heritage, especially in wine and jewelry production. This region, however, is also grappling with significant demographic challenges such as low fertility rates, an aging population, and economic slowdown, particularly in its rural areas.

During my internship, I had the incredible opportunity to connect with many people who welcomed me into their lives with open arms. I was frequently invited to join them for meals at their homes, where I experienced unparalleled kindness and hospitality. These moments were not just about sharing food but also about sharing stories, traditions, and a sense of community. All of them were very curious about Colombia and I enjoyed telling the beauties of my home country, which made conversation even more special. 

A particularly memorable part of my internship was working at Shirayuri Winery in Kōshū City. This winery, deeply rooted in tradition and family values, offered me a comprehensive understanding of the winemaking process. I was involved in various tasks, from handling deliveries and managing labeling processes to tending the vineyards and working in the laboratory. Each morning started with Radio Taiso exercises followed by a team meeting led by President Uchida, for me this set a positive and organized tone for the day.

The owners and staff at Shirayuri Winery treated me with immense warmth and respect. Their dedication to their craft was evident in every task they performed; therefore, they made sure I was fully immersed in the daily operations. Whether it was heavy lifting during wine deliveries in Fujikawaguchiko, enjoying the breathtaking views of Mount Fuji, or experimenting with new flavors of Grappa in the lab, every experience was enriching and enjoyable. The work at the vineyard was challenging, especially under the hot sun, but the camaraderie with my colleagues made the work enjoyable. We often took breaks to relax on the grass, share music, and chat, making those days some of the best of my internship.

Additionally, I had the pleasure of attending a cooking class led by Mrs. Uchida, renowned for her exquisite culinary skills. Her food was not only delicious but also beautifully presented, embodying the qualities of a true chef. Participating in her class, learning her recipes, and tasting the incredible food she prepared was a perfect way to cap off my experience at Shirayuri Winery.

Throughout my time in Yamanashi, I witnessed firsthand the critical discussions surrounding sustainable tourism and its impact on local communities. The influx of tourists, while beneficial to the economy, also brought challenges such as over-tourism and community disruptions. I deeply resonated with Treasure Tourism Co., Ltd.’s vision of promoting tourism that respects and preserves the local culture and environment. This experience underscored the importance of developing tourism solutions that are inclusive and sustainable, ensuring mutual benefits for both the industry and the communities it touches.

Reflecting on my internship, I am immensely grateful for the professional and personal growth it afforded me. The kindness and hospitality of the people I met, the rich cultural exchanges, and the practical experiences in the tourism and winemaking industries have left a lasting impression on me. I look forward to continuing my work on global issues that impact communities like Yamanashi, and I hope that my presence has contributed positively to the ongoing discussions about interculturality and sustainable development in Japan. Thank you, Treasure Tourism Co., Ltd., for this incredible opportunity.


We are profoundly content to have given Alejandro the chance to experience Japanese culture firsthand and acquire useful skills for his future career. We hope to continue supporting Japanese and Latin American culture in the future.