Japanese Culture Event at Los Andes University

From August 17 to 24, GOROM interns Hana Toyosaki and Nonoka Tagashira visited Los Andes University in Bogota. At the university, they participated in Japanese language classes and organized an event to teach Japanese culture, which they planned for local students.

In the Japanese class, the two students introduced their hometown of Hiroshima, talked about the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, and gave presentations on Japanese part-time job culture and popular music on social media.

In the introduction of Hiroshima, they introduced recommended sightseeing spots and food, and about the atomic bombing, they told the students what kind of damage was done in Hiroshima and the importance of peace. About the culture of part-time jobs in Japan, they talked with local students about the differences between part-time jobs in Japan and Colombia. After introducing Japanese music, they also had them introduce Colombian music and students there taught them how to dance.

Many students participated in the event to teach Japanese culture, and the two taught calligraphy and origami. In calligraphy, students wrote the names and words of their favorite artists and anime characters. In origami, the students made origami cranes, balloons, shurikens, and other uniquely Japanese creations.

For Hana and Nonoka, it was a valuable experience to teach Japanese culture while entertaining the participating students and to learn about Japanese culture from the perspective of Colombian students.